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Production equipment
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Guanlian invested USD35million in second phase plant and imported state-of-the-art mixing lines and systems from German HF and Japanese Kobelco.
The computerized automatic control system monitors every stage of the mixing process to ensure the process parameters are stable, traceable and
effectively controls the quality of our products.


Japan Kobelco 430 mixer

Japan Kobelco company has established it reputation in internal mixer industry for
decades. The 430 mixer is equipped with up-to-the-date high speed tangential
rotor of 6Wi type, suitable for mastication, carbon master batch and remill
of compounds for tire and other rubber products.

German HF 320 intermeshing mixer

As the leading manufacturer of intermeshing rotor mixer in the world, HF intermeshing
rotor mixer is widely recognized by rubber products and tire companies. It
unique PES5 rotor delivers a uniform and best possible dispersion of materials.





Central Control Room Double Screw Extruder Automatic wig-wag system


Compound Straining:

In the production of high-end or precise or thin rubber products, such as automotive sealing strip, hose, wire and cable, and other sealing products, impurities contained in raw material or foreign objects intruded during production process always cause nonconforming products or rejections,which lead to
delayed delivery, customer complaint, returned goods, or claims, bring the company financial and reputation loss. Therefore, more and more customers
are requesting compound straining, and the straining threshold is being lifted increasingly.

To meet customers’ needs, Guanlian introduced famous German UTH strainers for final master batch, and strainers for carbon master batch, which obviously alleviates impurity problems of compounds, effectively enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of customers.
Final Batch Straining

Master Batch Straining


Our four-roller calendering line(roller size - Ø610*1830mm) is applicable for rubber coating and sheeting with minimum thickness of single- layer rubber as 0.5mm. the calendered products are widely used in tire, air spring, conveyor and transmission belt…
According to customers’ needs and specifications, we develop formulations, produce compounds, provide double and single side calendering service.
A fabric cutting machine is introduced to cut the calendered sheets.



Four-roller Calendering Line Single Side Calendering Double Side Calendering