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Testing Equipment
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Application: Rheometer is the most commonly used and the most accurate method in measuring the vulcanization duration. It is mainly applied to the change of torque during a certain amplitude when the degree of crosslinking is increasing during the vulcanization of sizing material. As one of the most important manufacturing processes during the processing of rubber, vulcanization is a process to change the linear macromolecular of rubber into stereo meshwork structure. The vulcanization technology functions to cause chemical reaction between vulcanizing agent and rubber macromolecule in the sizing material under the interaction of temperature, pressure and time until crosslinking takes place among the rubber macromolecule.

If the duration is too short, it is easy to cause the lack of sulphur, so that the best performance of the sizing material will not be shown. If the duration is too long, the rubber molecular chain or the vulcanized crosslink will have splitting decomposition and thus will give rise to excessive sulfur content. This will also lead to reduced performance of sizing material. As a consequence, the measurement of the performance of the sizing material reaches the optimum duration (namely the correct vulcanizing time during the process) is of vital importance.

Mooney viscometer:

Application: Mooney viscometer is applicable to measuring the mooney viscosity value of raw rubber and rubber compound. Mooney viscosity value is one of the important indicators for measuring and assessing the rubber processing property. The mooney viscosity of rubber and its plasticity are closely related. Higher viscosity value means larger rubber molecule and lower plasticity. Conversely, it means small rubber molecule and more desirable plasticity.Controlling rubber’s mooney viscosity value in a reasonable way is conducive to such processing technology as the mixing, rolling, extrusion, injection, and mold vulcanization of rubber. Therefore, vulcanized rubber can have desirable physical and mechanical properties.

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer:

Application: X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer can measure element content according to the characters of all the elements and the strength of X ray. It is applicable to the analysis of most elements (analysis range: S-U) as well as the analysis of solid, powder, melted bead, liquid and other samples. Presently the X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer of our company is primarily used for the rough test of the heavy metal (Hg, As, Pb, Cr and Cd) of R and S instructions and for the test of the content of halogen (CI and Br). Nondestructive test can also be conducted.

Static Nitrogen Absorption Analyzer:

Application:Static Nitrogen Absorption Analyzer is mainly application to the assay determination of superfine powder, nanometer materials, particles, the ratio between fiber material and superficial area as well as pore size distribution.

Laser particle size analyzer:

Application:Laser particle size analyzer is applicable to the particle size and size distribution of the particles in the solid powder and latex particles (talcum powder, kieselguhr, kaolin, graphite, wollastonite, mica powder, coating, dyestuff, fluorescent powder, ceramic raw materials, emulsions, etc).

Gas Chromatograph:

Application: Gas chromatographic method is a separation and analysis method of column chromatography that takes gas as mobile phase. Gas chromatography can be applied to the analysis of gas sample and can also be used for the analysis of the liquid and solid that is volatile and can be converted into volatile matter. It can analyze both organic matter and inorganic matter. Generally, all the matters whose boiling points are below S000C and relative molecular weights are below 400 and that have desirable heat stability. Meanwhile, as Gas Chromatograph adopts highly sensitive detector, it can test trace impurity from 10-11-10-129 in the substance and is the most effective test tool for trace analysis.
Presently our company mainly uses it for analyzing the purity of antiager (3100, 4010NA and 4020, etc.) and plasticizer (DOP, 005, etc).

Ultraviolet spectrophotometer:

Application: Ultraviolet spectrophotometer has also come into extensive use in the rubber industry, especially the analysis of the antiager and accelerant in the organic assistant of rubber as well as the authentication of pure compound and the known ultraviolet absorption spectrum, such as the authentication of raw material, the authentication of surface spray frost of rubber products, and the authentication of isolated fractions after the rubber extract has been separated and purified. Additionally, the device is also applicable to the identification and analysis of process filling oil, the measurement of iodine adsorption of carbon black, the authentication of the type of carbon black, the authentication of the glue type and the content of styrene in butadiene styrene rubber.

Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer:

Application: Gas chromatography - mass spectrometer jointly uses GC and MS. In this way, it can enhance the advantage and avoid the disadvantage of the equipment, that is, it makes up for GC’s disadvantage of the difficulty in making the reliable qualitative identification on the unknown components in complex compound by retention time. At the same time, it employs MS as detector which has strong resolution capability and highly sensitivity. Owing to its high resolving power, high sensitivity and simple, speedy analysis process, GC-MS is playing a more and more important role in such fields as environmental protection, medicine, pesticide, and stimulant, and is one of the most powerful tools for the separation and test of complex compound. Presently our company mainly uses the device in the test of phthalates, PAH and so on.

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer:

Application: The method for atomic absorption of light basically functions to carry out the quantitative analysis of inorganic element. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer has a great many advantages such as high test sensitivity, desirable special effect, great antijamming capability, high stability and wide application scope. It can test more than 70 metal elements. Its application to the analysis of the rubber industry mainly includes testing of the zinc content in vulcanized rubber, testing of inorganic elements (such as plumbum, calcium, iron, sodium, etc.), the indirect test of the chlorine content in polyethylene, testing of the thickness of the all-steel cord cladding material and testing of the ratio between zinc and copper, and the metal elements in air pollutants.




Guanlian R&D and Testing Equipment List
Name of Equipment Q'ty Manufacturer
Whiteness Meter 1 Shanghai Xinrui
Thermostatic Magnetic Stirrer 1 Shanghai Meiyinpu
Speed Regulating Vibrator 1 Changzhou Aohua
Infrared Moisture Analyzer 1 Taiwan GOTECH
Centrifuge 1 Shanghai Yuefeng
Melting Point Tester 1 Taiwan MYTECH
Flash Point Tester 1 Shanghai Ande
PH Tester 2 Taiwan MYTECH, Shanghai Leici
Electronic Balance 2 Taiwan MYTECH, Fuzhou Huazhi
Microcomputer-controlled Melting Point Tester 1 Shanghai Leici
Circulating Water Vaccum Pump 1 Shanghai Yarong
Infrared Spectrometer 1 China Carbon Black Institute
Gas Chromatograph 1 Shanghai Leici
Digital Abbe Refractometer  1 Shanghai Leici
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 1 Shanghai Leici
Ultra Violet Spectrophotometer 1 Shanghai Leici
Washing Sieve Residue Tester 1 China Carbon Black Institute
laser Particle Size Analyzer 1 Zhuhai Omec
Kjeldahl Azotometer 1 Shanghai Peiou
X Fluorescence Spectrometer 1 Jiangsu Skyray
Static Nitrogen Absorption Tester 1 Beijing JWGB
Kinematic Viscosity Thermostatic Bath 1 Shanghai Pengpu
Automatic Potential Titrator 1 Shanghai Leici
Electric-light Analytical Balance 1 Shanghai Leici
Aniline Point Tester 1 Shanghai Pengpu
3D Microscope 1 Shanghai Changfang
Resistance Furnace 1 Suzhou Arain
Thermostatic Bath 1 Jintan Kexi
Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer 1 Jiangsu Skyray
Medical Standard Refrigerator  2 Anhui Duling
Rubber Plasticity Tester 1 Jiangus Mingzhu
Solid Phase Extractor 1 Tianjin Jinteng
Rotating Vapourizer 1 Shanghai Yarong
Hydrogen Generator 1 Shanghai Linchy
Elasticity Tester 1 Taiwan GOTECH, U-CAN
Electronic Densimeter 1 Taiwan GOTECH
Tensile Testing Machine 4 GOTECH, MYTECH, EKTRON, Mingzhu
Foam Pressure Rheometer 1 Taiwan GOTECH
Rubber Process Analyzer 1 Taiwan GOTECH
Mooney Viscometer 10 ALPHA, EKTRON, GOTECH, MYTECH
Air-operated Punching Machine 2 Taiwan GOTEHC, Taiwan MYTECH
Carbon Black Dispersion Analyzer 1 Taiwan GOTECH
Hardness Tester 6 GOTECH, MYTECH, Shanghai Liuling
Electronic Hardness Tester 1 German Bareiss
Digital Ultra High Resistivity Tester 1 Shenzhen Tiansu
Plate Vulcanizing Press 3 Dongguan Qiaolian, Huzhou Dongfang
Ozone Testing Chamber 2 Taiwan GOTECH, Taiwan EKTRON
Thermostatic Oil Bath 6 Taiwan GOTECH, Taiwan MYTECH
Ageing/Aging Oven  7 Taiwan GOTECH, Taiwan MYTECH
Tack Meter 1 Taiwan U-CAN
Akron Abrader 1 Taiwan MYTECH
Din Abrader 1 MYTECH
Low Temperature Brittleness Tester 2 GOTECH, MYTECH
Colour Assessing Light Box 1 Taiwan MYTECH
Electric Thermostatic Dryer  1 Shanghai Suxing
Yellowing Resistance Tester 1 Taiwan MYTECH
Flex Crack Tester 1 Taiwan GOTECH
Oxygen Index Tester 1 Qingdao Shanfang
Anti-slip Tester 1 Taiwan MYTECH
CE Multitester 1 German METREL
Low Temperature Compression Tester 1 Taiwan GOTECH
Open Mill 9 Shanghai Weifusing, Wuxi Double Elephant
Kneader 1 Shanghai Weifusing
Mini Banbary Mixer 3 Taiwan Pihong
Mini Extruder  1 Kunshan Meihu
Rebound Resilience Tester 1 Taiwan GOTECH